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Barry's Story

My story started around the Finlay family dinner table a few years ago. Chris was talking about his Africa adventure and speculating that he would like to climb Kilimanjaro someday. Images of Everest with pick axes, crevasses, ladders and especially, DANGER, floated through Mom's and Dad's heads but then we discovered that Kilimanjaro, although not easy, is not Everest. The thought became a little more serious for me about two years ago when the family doctor suggested that maybe a little better nutrition and exercise might be a good idea. With the spectre of my 60th birthday looming in 2008, I started to think about possible adventures to help celebrate the occasion and Kilimanjaro resurfaced. Motivation was provided by seeing and hearing stories about people who are much older and/or much less fortunate who do incredible things with what they have. More motivation was provided by too many stories of people dying much too young without the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. When Chris decided he would join me, the decision was made. Support is being provided by those friends and family who have collectively said, "If it is something you want to do, you should do it." The challenge is being fuelled by those friends and acquaintances who have collectively said, "Are you nuts?"

I can't wait to get on with it.