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Chris' Story

When I first went to university I was living with someone who didn't believe my plans to backpack through northern Alaska until the day I came home with a travel guide for that part of the world - at that point they knew I was serious. Then in 1998, while visiting South Africa with a friend, someone there mentioned that they would be climbing Kilimanjaro in the coming months. It was that conversation that first put the bug in my ear to take this on and it was only a few months later that I came home from a bookstore with a guide to climbing Kilimanjaro, so that must have been the time I became serious about it. I had originally planned to climb it in 2001, but things didn't work out back then, so I am embracing this as a second chance to challenge myself. As difficult as it will be to leave my wife and newborn daughter behind, my hope is that if my daughter ever needs an example of what the human spirit can do, she will need only to look as far as her father for that example.