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Raising Funds for Plan Canada  

Support Plan Canada
and the Children of Tanzania

There are so many worthwhile charities to choose from. Our criteria were that we wanted to give back to Tanzania, where Kilimanjaro is located, and we wanted to do something for underprivileged children. We were familiar with Plan Canada through friends who had sponsored children in other countries and in 2004, Barry and his wife, Evelyn, sponsored a little boy in Guatemala. It was easy, it costs very little and it is so satisfying knowing that you are giving a child a chance to be everything he or she can be. Coming from financial backgrounds, Chris and I liked the idea that Plan is one of the few global organizations that publish worldwide financial statements so their operation is completely transparent. From the time we approached Plan Canada with our idea, their representatives have been professional, enthusiastic, encouraging, responsive and forthright and they so clearly believe in what they are doing. We are absolutely convinced that we have made the right decision in combining our Kilimanjaro adventure with raising money for Plan to help fund schools in Tanzania.

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We want to start by raising enough money to construct a complete pre-school classroom and a playground for the children to play in.

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When you give a gift to Plan for our project, we will write your name on a Canadian flag, which we will take to Mount Kilimanjaro's peak - you'll virtual-climb a mountain AND make a huge difference in the world. We will make sure the flag with your name on it will remain with the school that you helped to construct. Make your donation today.