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"This is so cool...initially I would have been one of those friends who would respond with "are you nuts!" but given time to think about it, it would blossom into 'good for you...go for it...embrace every moment of it'. If I had the time to train, the $ to go, life was more 'stable' I would seriously consider joining you. Maybe one day I will have the stars aligned to do something similar, although I would start a little 'smaller'. You and your son will be an inspiration to many, including myself."
                     - Linda

"Was pleased to get the Email re your climb next January. It is great too for you to be helping people less fortunate than us. Our best wishes to you and Chris."
                     - Dave and Donnie, Russell, Manitoba

"I love your website. Wishing you all the best! Go for it! Totally do it while you can because you never know what life will bring you. I'm turning 45 this year and I used to run and workout all the time, now I have real problems just walking. When it gets rough just remember you can do it, remember who you are fighting for and reach the top! Cherish these memories and take them with you. GOOD LUCK!"
                     - Mary, Ottawa

"Best of luck with your adventure!"
                     - Rachel, Ottawa

"Barry, are you taking your golf clubs as well? Probably hit a ball a long way from there."
                     - Dave & Helga, Ottawa

                     - Susan, Ottawa

"Congratulations! This sounds like a very challenging and exciting initiative. I congratulate you and your son for adding the element of the fundraising activity to your expedition."
                     - Jean-Luc, Ottawa

"You two are very inspiring! I'm proud to be your brother and uncle to Chris. We'll be praying that you have the strength, determination, and grit to make it right to the glacier."
                     - Mel & Susan, Pickering

"I'm so excited for you and Chris, you are an inspiration and I look fwd to 'climbing with you' and hearing your updates as you progress on your Kili adventure."
                     - Heather, Toronto

"I have read your itinerary in full details. Wow! Your adventure is really challenging! With my best wishes for your trip with God's blessing."
                     - Jack, Ottawa

"Wishing you both good luck on your Kilimanjaro project. We visited your website. Looks like a big challenge. Our prayers will be with you but I doubt if that will do you much good so keep training."
                     - Gene and Anne, Rapid City, Manitoba

"Wow! What a challenge! I really look forward to following your adventure! It's already a success just by your commitment and the help you're providing to the children thru Plan Canada ! I hope all the preparations and training go well!"
                     - Roma, Ottawa

"Hello cuz. This confirms my suspicions - the elevator does not go all the way to the top!! Here I have trouble with three flights of stairs and you and Chris are going up 19,000 feet! Delores and I are proud of you and wish you both the best on your venture."
                     - Dale & Delores, Winnipeg

"Best of luck to the both of you !!"
                     - T. W. Swindells, Swindells & Wheatley Inc.

"Wow!! That is quite the journey to embark on, definitely a birthday and an experience that will never be forgotten or untold for that that matter! You haven't even left yet and you have already made it an inspirational story. It takes a lot of courage, determination and strength to take on such an adventure. Also deciding to help the kids of Tanzania, you're going to feel such an accomplishment in more then one way, you should be very proud of yourselves! I wish you guys all the very best and I expect to see all the pictures and stories posted upon your return :-) Good Luck."
                     - Monica

"I think it is truly an amazing thing you and Chris are doing. Definitely not something you or your family will ever forget."
                     - Shelley, Winnipeg

"I wish you smooth preparations for your mission and hope to see you sometime soon."
                     - Richard, Ottawa